Richmond, VA Carpet Cleaning

At Carpet Cleaning Richmond, VA, we know how easy it is to ignore your carpets. We see carpets and rugs across the spectrum – from well maintained and cleaned twice a year to those that have rarely been vacuumed in the past decade. Everybody is busy these days and it’s easy to not notice how your carpet gets dingier and less beautiful as each week goes by.

Carpet Cleaning Richmond, VAVacuuming helps, but it can’t get everything and it certainly doesn’t remove stains. You may have noticed your carpets just don’t look like they use to, or maybe you haven’t yet. But it’s important to get a regular cleaning to not only improve its appearance, but to extend its life and make for a healthier home. And even if you haven’t noticed your carpet’s appearance changing, almost all our customers are amazed at how much newer and better there carpets and rugs look after we’ve finished.

Richmond Carpet Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is the leading cleaning method available today. While other methods might be cheaper or claim to dry faster, none match the deep cleaning that steam cleaning provides. Technically known as hot water extraction cleaning, the process uses high pressure, high temperature water to wash and clean your home’s rugs and carpets. This process not only effectively removes dirt and grime to the base of your carpet, it disinfects and kills germs, bacteria, dust mites, and more! The end result is your carpet looks great and while also being safe for your family to be around.

Cleaning carpets also extends the life of them. Most people don’t realize, but a major source of worn carpet comes from dirt and grit deep within the carpet. With each step, these particles act to cut and scrape at the fibers, thinning carpet and leading to discolorations.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Richmond Virginia

Contact us today to schedule one of our services or to receive a free quote. As always, our cleaning comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on top of our professional service and affordable rates. See why we’ve been Richmond’s preferred carpet cleaner all these years.

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